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What happens when a brief instant within our overall experience becomes a focal point? Might our individual lives be seen as such an instance -- as a detail within a greater series of details? What is the relationship between fleeting, momentary experience and the entirety of what we know as individuals? My recent work explores the temporality of our perspectives through the structure of the book and the multilayered, revision-based process of printmaking.

How we read visual, written, invented or material languages depends on our individual contexts and the bodies of knowledge familiar to us. The nature of legibility relies on our physical surroundings as well as the emotional, sensual, and cerebral spaces we occupy. As when we are exploring a tunnel, cavern, or the shadowy space beneath a cut bank, we discover many surprising occurrences along our unique life-paths, yet remain isolated from vast worlds we might otherwise comprehend.

My artwork reflects on the moments when different languages and bodies of knowledge intersect. I mine nature, geology, and archeology for elements and tools with which to explore this relationship between highly specialized expertise, honed over time, and potential, unrealized perceptiveness. Tensions within this relationship inform my compositions. My artist's books, prints, drawings and paintings represent an effort to memorialize the part of myself that relies on regular encounters with the natural environment in order to think, dream, and learn.