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Recall: e.T51269349A55309428 was conceived as a collaboration between artists Angela Mele and Chelsea Herman to be part of entomologist Barrett Anthony Klein and artist Karen Ann Klein’s project, The Cabinet of Insect Dreams. The Cabinet of Insect Dreams includes artists’ books by over thirty artists and writers that interpret and respond to the theme of insect dreams. Recall: e.T51269349A55309428 explores how human visions of the Western landscape might be stored in physical and archival remnants of the extinct Rocky Mountain locust (Melanoplus spretus).

This book includes Angela Mele’s pen and ink drawings printed letterpress from photopolymer plates on Usu Kuchi paper and etchings by Chelsea Herman. The title was hand set in Venus Light Extended and printed letterpress. The colophon was set in Athelas. The book is bound Japanese side stab and covered in hand painted mulberry paper infused with encaustic wax. Recall: e.T51269349A55309428 was published by FlightPath Press, Santa Cruz, California in 2016. Edition of 40. Cover size when closed: 3" X 31/2.

Pen and ink drawings printed letterpress from photopolymer plates © 2016 by Angela Mele Etchings © 2016 by Chelsea Herman