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This book reflects on how languages become distinctive over time depending on their context. Untitled Book I combines visual, written, invented, and material languages through etchings, a poem, invented text, rubbings, and various kinds of paper. It explores how a mark, sound or material’s ability to convey specific meaning depends on its context. A mark that is evocative on a visceral level for some people may operate as an abstract symbol for others. Eventually, the same mark may become illegible, yet remain identifiable as a form of communication. This book questions how we recover forgotten knowledge or access highly specialized information.

This book was created, printed and bound by Chelsea Laurel Herman in 2011. The colophon was set in Perpetua and printed letterpress. The etchings and rubbings were printed by hand on Reeves paper and Gampi infused with encaustic wax. Cover size when closed: 13"X15." Edition of 12.